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Leicester is a city in the East Midlands that is situated on the River Soar. With a population of over 330,000, the county town of Leicestershire is the 10th largest city in England and holds a historic association with the production of textiles, clothing and shoes. The city is close to the M1 making it easy to get to by road. You can also fly into East Midlands airport or arrive by train. This modern city is diverse in culture and religion, with a history stetching back to the Iron Age and Roman settlement.

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28 Mar 2015 - 19 Apr 2015Grossology Easter - National Space Centre

This Easter school holiday we will be hitting the pimple on the head and rooting around in the bogie infested nostril of life to find the impolite truth behind the human body. Bogies, bums, trumps and burps... the science of all the gross stuff our bodies do in space. The questions you always want to ask will now have answers and, as long as you say pardon, we can talk frankly about "bodily functions". 
How Do Astronauts Keep Clean in Space? 
Join our Mission Commanders to discover the answers to all the really important questions - how do you go to the toilet, how is water recycled in space, why does the skin on the bottom of your feet peel off in space, what happened to germs in space, why can't you burb in space and other such enlightening things. 
12:15, 13:15 and 15:15 - FREE to Participate 
Snot in a Pot 
Take home the ultimate memento of your trip to Grossology and make your own snot in a pot. This slime making workshop, is suitable for all ages and you get to play with it afterwards. 
11:00 - 13:00 - Free to participapte

2 May 2015Emergency Services Railway Day

Abbey Pumping Station Museum 
Where would we be without the amazing work of the emergency services? Come and meet the Fire Brigade, Police, Ambulance and other emergency services that help us in our hour of need. You can also take a ride on the museum’s site railway pulled by 'Peter' the Diesel locomotive and see the museum's very own 1950's fire engine in operation. Refreshments available

13 Jun 2015World Gin Day - National Space Centre

The National Space Centre is hosting an adults only Taste of Science evening dedicated to and celebrating gin! World Gin Day is a celebration of all things gin, giving us a legitimate excuse (not that we need one) to mix up a cocktail and learn about all of the exceptional gins from around the world and from right on our doorstep. 
Gin is the quintessential English drink and if you claim to dislike it, you're trying hard enough. This might seem like a harsh statement, but with the "gin revolution" in full swing, the diversity of gins being produced all over the globe will startle all of your senses. 
The History of Gin -Discover where gin came from, the dark history of this drink of the masses. 
The Science of Gin - How do you make gin? Can you really make it in your bathtub? 
Gin Appreciation - Join us for a tasting session to discover some new and exciting gins. 
Make your Own Tonic Water - If you are going to drink this with your gin, make sure it is good enough. 
The Botanicals Quiz - Can you tell the flavours and smells in our gins? 
Competitions and Quizzes - Win gin throughout the night. 
Taste and Buy Gin - We are joined by some great gin brands and producers. Pop over and see what they have on offer.

19 Jun 2015Robin Ince and Guests - National Space Centre

Sony Gold Award winning comedian and science enthusiast, Robin Ince (Radio 4's Infinite Monkey Cage with Prof Brian Cox) is taking over the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium for one night only and is bringing his friends. 
Join Robin and his guests (TBC) in a night of science, logic, comedy, music and madness, we just hope you can keep up.
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